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The online training that turns innovative minds into skilled Change Makers: Through a combination of the most needed methods and topics: Human-Centred and Life-Centred Design, Biomimicry and Nature-Based-Solutions, Circular Economy, Systems Thinking, research capacities and business modelling.

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Change Makers!

This training provided by Biomimicry Academy will guide you through all the fields that build the foundation to design systemically sustainable products and services.

You will gain an overview of the innovation models, strategies, and methods which are at the core of contemporary innovation that is both impactful and sustainable. It is not simply a methods training, but it will change your mindset. 

It allows you to grow into a change maker who knows when to pick what from the wealth of knowledge and insights creative minds have gathered throughout the rise of the exponential age we live in. While the advances of humankind can be harmful to people and planet, they also provide the solutions when employed the right way. This course will show you how to do just that.


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