Learn from Nature.Design for People and Planet.


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The European Biomimicry Design Challenge is a new ground-breaking way to solve the challenges of the world with the strengths of Europe. Driven by collaboration, inspired by nature.

The Goals

The Goals

Take part in the European Biomimicry Design Challenge and be a part of the solution for an economy that benefits people and planet. Innovate to reduce emissions, find new materials, close cyclic flows, or create social solutions.

Learn from Nature

Learn from Nature

In 3.8 bio years of R&D, nature developed solutions that are by default effective, efficient, resilient, adaptive and sustainable. Biomimicry is the process how we can harness this wisdom for products, services, processes or systems change.


Learn how nature cooperates. Use the unique bioinspired process for collaboration-driven project incubation.

On the COBIOM platform of the Biomimicry community, collaboration wins over competition: You collaborate on digital whiteboards, share your input and knowledge and score points every time you share and every time your knowledge is used! Even across teams.

We see this kind of collaboration as the future of challenges and economy.
Join the platform now – and stay on for your professional life.

Your Benefits & Future Steps

Learn the Biomimicry innovation process with mentors for free.

Engage with the global network and boost your career.

Win the challenge and join our incubation programmes.

Earn rewards in industry projects with COBIOM and its partners.

Conditions & Requirements

4 Jan – 15 April 2021.

5-10 h time investment per week.

Win collaboration points on the COBIOM platform.

The network behind the challenge