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Natural Entrepeneurs

You and your class create the sustainable, healthy future. Nature shows the way. Join now with your class, workgroup or school!

Welcome to the community of Change Makers!

Natural Entrepreneurs is a programme for schools that opens new perspectives for teachers and students:

  • Learn from nature to find solutions to the challenges of our time which are always sustainable, efficient and purposeful.
  • Combine STEM subjects with other disciplines to learn and develop holistically.
  • Become innovative and develop startup ideas while still in school that make economic, social and environmental sense.
  • Work together in groups, between classes and with other schools in Germany and Europe.
  • Take on the challenge of making your contribution so that we all have a future within the Earth’s ecosystem – all humans, animals and plants together.
Intro to the Biomimicry Academy

5 phases from the first step to implementation

Adaptable from 3 days on the side, through 3 weeks as a project, to 3 months as a course.

1.) Find your vision in teams

2.) Define your challenge

3.) Discover possibilities in nature

4.) Develop solutions with peers

5.) Implement concepts together


Become researchers, inventors, founders.

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