EBDC Process

7.) Awards and benefits


7.) Awards and benefits

The most promising submissions to the European Biomimicry Design Challenge are awarded with an offer to be incubated in the COBIOM project incubator integrated into the global professional network. They also are eligible to benefits from the Biomimicry Institute, and will be featured in online publications.

The European Biomimicry Design Award

The three projects with the highest ratings from the jury and the collaboration scores will be awarded the European Biomimicry Design Certficat. The certificates will be presented to the winners online in a seminar. The projects and teams will be featured in online publications and media formats to support their future career.

The COBIOM project incubator

The most promissing solutions to the European Biomimicry Design Challenge are selected by a jury and your team’s collaboration score. They are suggested for further incubation at the Biomimicry Academy and in the COBIOM project incubator. These selected projects are supported by further mentorship, business development, communication and fundraising.

The Biomimicry Launchpad

In addition, the selected projects have the chance to iterate their solutions based on the feedback by the mentors, to then submit them free of charge to the Global Biomimicry Design Challenge of our partners at Biomimicry Institute. The submission gives you the chance of attending the Biomimicry Launchpad in the USA, and eventually compete for the 100,000 US$ Ray of Hope price.