EBDC Process

4.) Swarming (15 Nov 2020 – 3 Jan 2021)


4.) Swarming: Find your topic and team

For the European Biomimicry Design Challenge, we employ a new kind of platform and a new kind of approach. We believe that we can achieve more and better results if we collaborate and do not compete to outrival other teams. On the platform you will be able to share ideas, insights and questions. And the more you share the more rewards you earn for the challenge!

Before you begin your work on the challenge, you have the opportunity to form a team of experts and enthusiasts. You can, but do not need to bring your own team into the challenge. And the more expertise you assemble, the more diverse your team is, the better you will perform. This is what we call Swarming.

Swarming is an open process, where you scout for a challenge, background information or team members. For this, you will register individually on the COBIOM Swarm Innovation Platform. Registration for the European Biomimicry Design Challenge opens on 15. November 2020. You will have until early Januray for this first step before you start the challenge with your team.

Swarm Intelligence

Swarm Innovation is the collectively lead collaborative effort to create new solutions by setting collaboration over competition. The COBIOM platform uses a tracking system for contributions of each participant that rewards co-creation more than individual results. The more participants help each other, the more they score for themselves. This is following nature’s principle of symbiotic collaboration.

We value

Originality over popularity

Emergence over linearity

Swarm creativity over parallelism

Transformative over incremental innovation

Collective intelligence over siloes

Distributed leadership over command hierarchies

Swarm creativity over processes and tools

Regenerative value over profit

Optimization over maximization

Systems over linearity

Collaboration over competition

As innovation and sustainability are not only results and outcomes, but equally relevant in team processes and mindsets, we facilitate and require collaboration based on system-centered and life-inspired principles and values, to ensure the challenge is met in the spirit of collectivity and regenerative leadership.

Collaboration on the platform

Research and Design

Inspired by natural systems and cognitive science, the platform rewards the sharing of information the symbiotic collaboration between teams, and the safety of the content you share. The algorithms were developed by a team of biomimics, scientists, economists and tech entrepreneurs.

Positive Feedback Loops

The more you share, the more value is created for the network, the more every individual wins.

This is the principle of the collaboration on the COBIOM platform. Change makers from various field cooperate on the platform to make responsible innovation succeed. You can join them right out of the Biomimicry Challenge!